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Objective of Awards

The Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER), Pune's Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Group of Institutions was established in 1983 with the sole objective of creating a union of science and spirituality for the benefit of humanity at large. With its 68 institutes and over 55,000 students in varied disciplines, the MIT Group of Institutions has left no stone unturned in building a strong nation through the power of education. MIT School of Government (MIT-SOG) was founded in 2005 with the objective of impating training to the youth for a career in political leadership & Government.

MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions, Pune, today realizes that the growth of the nation lies in inspiring the young generation of Indians by recognizing unparalleled feats of pioneers, who by the power of their intellect are setting new standards of performance and excellence in the fields of management education, public awakening through effective use of literature, art, cinema, press, social service and/or NGOs & Parliamentary representation. These institutions have come together to recognize excellence by instituting the “Bharat Asmita National Awards”. These awards will bring together a community, which aspires to see our nation achieve new heights of development based on strong ethics and practices of growth. Together we shall set higher standards of performance, together we shall evolve and together we shall realize our dream of a strong, developed, hard globally competitive India.

Number: One award shall be conferred in each of the three categories. An award, however, may be shared by two persons considered by the Committee Members to be equally deserving of recognition in a given year.

Scope: For purposes of the award, India shall include all states and union territories across the length and width of our nation.

Posthumous Award: A deceased person is not eligible for the award. An exception may be made only when the nominee's death occurs after the Committee has completed its investigation of the nominee's work.

Eligibility of Awards

Persons to Whom the Award is Open:
The award is open to living persons in India, regardless of race, creed, sex, caste or ideology.

Nominations for the Award :
Only candidates recommended in writing by invited nominators, as described in Sec. 24 of  this Code, shall be considered for an award.

Nominators for the Award :
The privilege of submitting award nominations shall be enjoyed by persons described under Sec. 24 of this Code.

Self Nomination :
Self nominations shall not be accepted or shall not be accepted or considered.

Period of the Awards

Frequency of Awards: 

The award shall be presented annually, starting with the awards for the year 2005 on the 3rd of February 2005, and on the same date every year thereafter. If it is considered that none of the nominees under review merit recognition or that further investigation is needed, the Committee may omit one or more awards in one or more categories in a given year.

Period Covered by Awards: 

Only accomplishments within the five years immediately preceding the granting of an award shall be considered. However, accomplishments prior to this five-year period may be considered if their significance or impact has become apparent within the period covered by the awards

Presentation of the Awards

The Award
To abide the customary commitment, every year the Awards are conferred on February 3rd.
Since the year 2005, these Awards have been conferred at the hands of Hon’ble Vice President Hon’ble Vice President Md. Hamid Ansari, Late Shri. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, (then Vice President), Shri. Somnath Chatterjee (Ex -Speaker of Loksabha), Shri K. G. Balakrishnan (then Chief Justice of India), Dr. Vijay Kelkar (Former Chairman, Finance Commission) etc.

Presentation, Date and Place:
The awards shall be generally presented at the hands of one of the hon'ble dignitaries occupying the prestigious offices of the
President of India or the Vice-President of India, Speaker of Lok-Sabha, the Prime Minister of India, the Union Home Minister of India, Chief Justice of India.
The awards shall be presented for the first year in Pune, Maharashtra, on the 3rd of February 2005 and in subsequent years at an appropriate place in India.

Medal and Certificate of Award: 
The award certificate and the prize money shall be presented to each awardee at the formal award presentation ceremony

Acceptance of Award:
Each awardee will be requested to signify his/her acceptance of the award before formal announcements are made. Should he/she decline accepting the award, the prize money shall revert to the Committee fund.

Public Lecture : 
An awardees may be requested to give a public lecture in Pune on a subject related to the achievement for which the award has been made. The actual date of the lecture shall be determined jointly by the Committee Members and the awardees and must ordinarily fall not  later than one week after the presentation of the awards.

Financing of the Awards

Bharat Asmita National Awards Committee:

This Committee has been established with a corpus of INR 50 lakhs in funds in order to ensure that the awards are delivered year after year as per the protocol befitting its stature.

MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions Pune, India:

MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions shall bear full responsibility in ensuring that the funds required for the presentation of the awards over the years are provided for in accordance with the sections described above.

Other Contributions:

Other private contributors, sponsors and well-wishers may directly donate to the awards through consultations with the office of the Bharat Asmita National Awards Committee.

General Provisions

Date for Submission of Nominations: 

Each year the Committee shall consider such nominations as have been received in the office of the Bharat Asmita National Awards Committee on or before 10th of December by 03:00 p.m.

Selection of Nominators: 
Annually, the Chairman of the Committee shall submit to the Committee Members for approval, the names of prospective nominators selected in accordance with the provisions in Section 24 under this title. Past awardees and past members of the Committee are automatically qualified to submit nominations in any category.

Validity of Nominations: 

Only nominations received from persons invited to nominate shall be considered. Nominations must be accompanied by sufficient supporting documentation to allow meaningful evaluation. 

Re-nominations may be accepted. 

No member of the Committee shall be nominated for the award.
Nominations must be kept strictly confidential. Nominators shall be held accountable for any inadvertent disclosure to other persons, particularly the nominee.

Qualifications of Nominators: 

Nominators shall as far as may be persons of professional competence to recommend individuals for consideration to the award;

Possess extensive knowledge of noteworthy individuals or their work;

Have grasp of important development issues in their areas of work or in other services of the nation; and

Have credibility in their community or field of endeavor.

In addition, the Bharat Asmita National Awards Committee will deem the following individuals as qualified to submit nominations:
Officers or faculty members working in reputable institutes, colleges and universities in the fields of socio- economic development, public administration and political science, literature, arts, international relations, applied natural and social sciences.

Officers of bureaus or commissions of civil service or equivalent offices/agencies, media organizations, recognized literary, theater arts, radio, television and film societies.

Leaders of specialized institutions, whose purposes and programs directly address contemporary issues of human development and noted individuals and practitioners in the aforementioned fields, whose special interests lie in India.

Need for Translation: 

If, for the full appraisal of a nominee, the Committee must understand the content of materials by or about the nominee, whose translation into English/ Hindi will require considerable trouble or expense, then the Board shall give the proposal further consideration only to the extent practicable.

Selection of Awardees - Evaluation of Candidates

Criteria for Selection: 

No work, achievement, accomplishment or performance shall merit an award unless it has been determined to be outstanding within any of the categories herein defined and is manifestly of the nature that exemplifies the greatness of spirit, integrity and devotion to development as visualized by the Bharat Asmita National Awards Committee & MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions, Pune, India.

The award need not go only to a person holding a high public office or to a person whose actions have influenced large numbers of people. An award to a person who has quietly helped others, serving selflessly and without expectation of public recognition may well provide a more meaningful example of the ideals practiced at MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions, Pune, India.

Final Selection

Responsibility for Selection: 

The Committee shall be solely responsible for the final selection of awardees.
Proceedings on Final Selection: The deliberations on the final selection shall not be made public or otherwise revealed.


The selection made by the Committee shall be final. No protest against any award shall be considered.

Approved as amended this fourteenth day of October, two thousand and five, in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, India

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